Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks and WOW!

     Thanks to everyone who's left a comment and well wishes for getting my computer back up and running.  I have finally managed to get everything loaded back onto it.  For those who might have missed my drama last week, my puter got hit with a nasty virus and all my techie doctor could do was wipe it clean.  :-(  So everything is pretty much back to the way it was and it wasn't too hard except for one thing.  Everything was SUPERSIZED and it took me forever to find where the problem was.  LOL  I knew where to fix it, but it took me a while to realize that I needed to change the screen resolution to a higher number for my large screen.  Duh huh.  LOL  Oh well, I figured it out with only a minimal hair loss.  :-)
     Another thanks to the new followers I've gained over the last few months.  I'm so happy that you've found some things here that you like and I really appreciate each and every comment you leave me.  They make my day! ( That goes for my old friends too!)
     Just had to tell you about this---

     Can you imagine winning this!!!  The incredibly talented Ingvild Bolme who designs for Prima is having an amazing giveaway to celebrate her new blog design.  Wowza that is one amazing pile of goodies isn't it.  Just pop over to her blog and check out the details on how you can get your chance at this sweet treat.
     Things will probably be quiet around here this week.  I'll be tied up every night with VBS, my tute for The Kraft Journal won't post until Wednesday, and I won't have a Mabelle card this week.  Make sure you hop over to The Craft's Meow for a real hop to celebrate all their new stamp releases including Mabelle's.
  Hope you all have a wonderful brand new week!  Keep me in your thoughts.  I'm teaching two classes cause one of our teachers had to drop out for surgery.  Me and a room full of elementary kids twice in one night!  Scary!!  LOL


Unknown said...

I've been there (VBS) and you will definitely be in my thoughts. Thanks for the link to this amazing blog candy. :) Glad you are back up and running with minimal hair loss lol.
Lisa xx

Geri said...

Have a great Sunday and a great new week, Tracy!! Enjoy those critters!!

Nancy said...

LOL to Geri's comment! She's obviously taught VBS as well if she knows to call them critters! Have lots of fun. You'll probably learn more than they will! Isn't that what always happens to us? ;o) Enjoy!

Marjorie said...

Hope all goes well with the kiddies:) Glad you are back on track now..

Carla S. said...

Glad you are back up and running, Tracy! Take care - you've got a lot going on!

Lisa Minckler said...

Oh those rugrats will love you to pieces, just like we do here in bloggyland! YEAH for working technology and proper resolution. ;)

Unknown said...

So happy to hear that your little digi friend is up and running again Tracy! I wouldn't know what I'd do without mine, since I also use it for work! Wowzer, now that's a huge candy alright! Good luck and thanks for the heads up! Hugs, Ira

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

OH! I didn't realise this happened Tracy! What a giant pain! Speaking of computer problems I really need to back up all of my crafty stuff...I would be devastated if it got lost. Hope it is all getting back on track! xx

Ros Crawford said...

So glad you are up and running again ... Thanks for the link ... can't imagine ever winning anything like that ... Wow!

Audrey Pettit said...

So glad to hear your computer troubles are over, Tracy! And wishing you good luck with your busy week! :)