Monday, March 15, 2010

The Funny Story About My 100th YouTube Subscriber

When I started making videos for YouTube I had no great expectations that I would have any great response to my videos. I only started scrapbooking about two years ago and my first mini was made in November 2009. I'm still a newbie in a lot of ways. Part of being a newbie though is getting to surf YouTube learning from all the talented ladies who share their creations and how to make them. I LOVE to learn!

Anyway, to my surprise my subscriber count started to climb. My husband would laugh when he'd hear the e-mail dinger go off. "What number are you on now? hee hee" He totally does NOT get the scrapbooking thing but he DOES get that I DO. The number continued to climb and as it got nearer to 100 I begin to think that I needed to do something special for whoever my 100th subscriber was. Nothing flamboyant. I'm not able to buy like some of the ladies are. The counter climbed into the nineties before I could wrap my brain around what I was going to give the winner. My husband and I had to go visit some friends last Tuesday night and before we left the house that crazy counter was on 99! I was so excited thinking--"Maybe when we come back I'll have my 100th subscriber!" A couple of hours later we came home and sure enough I had a new subscriber, but . . . it wasn't just any subscriber. It was scrapaholic100! What are the chances! That was too darned funny!

I want each and every person who has subscribed to my YouTube channel AND those who have subscribed to my blog to know how much I appreciate you. My close friends are not scrapbookers so I have been able to find an outlet through both YouTube and my blog where I can enjoy your art and share mine with people who love this craft. I still have a lot to learn about blogging and YouTubing and social networking period. I have a confession. I've never even done a live chat! Aren't I sad? ;) Aahh, I digress--my point was to give you ALL a great big THANK YOU!

So . . . my winners name is Veronica and below is a picture of the little goodie package I'm sending her. I hope she likes it and can put it to use.

Hope you all have a blessed week.



~* steph :) *~ said...

congrats on your subscribers! what a wonderful goodie pack :)! i totally feel the same way as you. meeting all these crafters around the world who have such a passion for arts and crafts is amazing. i never thought i would love it so much. it's awesome. thanks for sharing your story and your excitement about YT and blogging. i never did a live chat either. have a wonderful day, tracy! *hugs* steph (YT: sweetcraftychick)

Janie said...

Hi Tracy ! Congrats on your 100 you will be at 200 probably faster than 100 !And also congrats to Veronica !! You do awesome work I enjoy watching your videos ! I also enjoy checking out your blog ! And since we live so close we should do a live chat together wouldnt that be awesome !! That would be so stinkin fun !! I have never done one either !!

Kristina said...

Congratulations Tracy!! We have more in common than you could imagine. I was smiling the whole time reading this post. Funny how so many of us start out in the same exact place. Hopefully I'll be at 100 someday!! Thanks for the inspiration that you give me.

Congratulations again!!

P.S. Congratulations to Veronica too!!

♥Jan♥ said...

Hi Tracy -

Kristina (above) turned me on to your tutorial on flowers, amazing ! Really beautiful - will I ever buy a flower again ? Probably not ! Mine is at, I will keep practicing... Thanks so much.

Marietta said...

I have just started with paper crafts this past November, and I am having so much fun! There are so many awesome and talented women out there who are willing to share their 'secrets'. I can not believe how much I have learned in the last few months. Thank you! The flowers you tought are so simple, but come out beautiful! They are my obsession right now...

Thanks again,