Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Papercraft Star Voting System Trial Run

Beth and Kristina are moving right along with getting everything in order for the official launch of Papercraft Star. I told you about their new challenge blog a little while back. The official startup date is June 23. If you haven't checked them out, give it a look. Right now they are trying out their new inlinxz voting system. You can go to the blog and cast a vote for your favorite of the submissions that have been entered. Maybe you have a submission of your own to make. Voting will start at 10:30 a.m. June 2, 2010 and run through the same time on June 4, 2010. There's even a little blog candy to sweeten the deal.


  1. Howdy ! I totally lifted this from your blog and copied it into mine, figured I couldn't say it any better.
    So, you found a $5 MS punch, huh !! How lucky ! I cannot keep my hands off of them, I know I use them ALL THE TIME, but at least they are well made, easy to use, and I have a goodly # by now. (Michaels and their 40% off coupon)
    Do you sleep when it rains there ? I sleep when it rains here, well, it rains a lot, and I nap a lot...
    Ok, it is late, and I am rambling !! Oh, you never said if you tried out for the DT over there ???

  2. Hi ! Yup, I did try out for that team, but if I don't make it, well rejection is part of this whole game, isn't it... Gosh, I even looked at MS punches this morning when I stopped at Michaels for wire, 25% off, but you know, I have what I need for now, lol !
    A tin roof ! How very quaint. Not practical here (although a big tv studio here in town put one on theirs, guess they didn't consider the consequences when they were trying to film something !) Anyway, I imagine they are lovely when it does rain.
    You must be close to the Gulf there, (not sure I know exactly where) - is that oil spill going to be trouble for you ??
    Back to 365 Cards, haven't done one today....

  3. Just voted for you--wish I would have known about this great challenge! HOW FUN:) Beautiful cards! LOVE #25~ good luck:)

  4. Oh yes, I voted for you too, the beautiful purple and green. (what? my fav color combo?)

    Really sorry to hear about all the disaster for your area with that oil - you have been hit with some pretty terrible things. You can't have even dug out from Katrina totally yet...
    For me, doing without that seafood would be so sad, but relying on it for our daily bread would be disastrous. Hopefully, hopefully, they will find something soon ....


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