Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Tutorial up on YouTube

Hey Ya'll!

     This is one nasty stormy day here.  A twister hit up in Yazoo yesterday, something I'm sure they didn't want after the one that hit back in April.  Besides nasty weather, I've come down with a nasty cold.  I was up half the night with my jaws and teeth killing me from the sinus pressure. 
     Managed to scrounge up enough energy to put together a little tutorial for YouTube.  If any of you are fans of Webster's pages you've probably seen the little flower bouquet sprays they recently came out with.  I did a little tute on how to make the nylon flowers in the bouquet.  You can check it out here on my channel if you're interested.

     Don't forget tomorrow starts a new challenge at Papercraft Star.  Things will be a little different on the blog as we start our new term with our new Design Team.  Keep a look out for the new stuff.


  1. Watched it and I think it is just great!! I left you a comment there also but so used to blogger forgot to leave my name..lol!!
    So cool and I can't wait to try it!!

  2. Tracy, those flowers are amazing! I just finished making the last flowers you did a vid on, they turned out really nice. Thanks so much for all you do. And please go get some rest and get better; we can wait! :)

  3. I made a lot of this flowers for about 25 years ago. I recently saw it again in use on scrapbooking page. I love your flowers, they are so pure :o)
    Hugs, Jóna

  4. Your tutorial is super !!
    Hugs, Jóna

  5. oh my, they are so pretty1! Gonna go and check out the tut!!

  6. Oh this is fun! Great tutorial! I have wire, I have stockings! I loved your video. People may be doing this already, but could you colour them with alcohol inks or copics?


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