Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bloglovin, FB, Pinterest and some photos to share

     Hello my friends!   No card for this post, just some info about a few things connected with my blog.
     I'm sure most of you have read somewhere or another out in crafty bloggie land that come July Google Reader will no longer be available.  It's my understanding that the Google Follower widget will NOT be done away with.......yet.  However, in preparation for the reader removal I have joined numerous of my friends in signing up for the Bloglovin reader.  I hope you enjoy my blog posts and work enough to follow me through the Bloglovin reader or email after the Google reader disappears.  If you would like to continue to receive my posts please click on the Bloglovin follower button in my sidebar and let me know you've done so if you'd like me to follow you too.
     Secondly I'd like to let you know that I have added boards to my Pinterest account for several of the stamp companies I love and design for.  If you've seen a card you liked or that inspired you it will be much easier to locate it on the board instead of searching on the blog although there is a search button on my sidebar and a label category too.  Just thought it might make things simpler.  ☺
     I'm going to try to pick up the pace a bit with my FB posting also so if anyone would like to follow me there you can click on the button at the top of my sidebar.  Speaking of which, the icons I have added seem to be playing hide and seek when I open my blog page.  Please let me know it they are doing the same when you come to visit and I'll change them out for something more reliable.
     Last but not least I promised to share some photos from the trip to Bellingrath Gardens my mom and I took Thursday.  It was a bit windy and nippy that day, at least for the two of us.  I think that bus load of snowbirds got quite a few chuckles out of us all bundled up in hooded jackets while they were running around in shorts, capris, and short sleeved shirts.
     With the back and forth weather we've had this year the azaleas were not all blooming out fully at the same time, but they were still lovely and there were lots of other pretties to see.  Here we go!

     Hope you enjoyed the photos.  We sure enjoyed exploring the gardens for about three hours.  My best friend was jealous when I told here we'd gone so I promised we'd go back when the huge rose garden is in bloom.  sigh......can't wait!
     Have a wonderful blessed weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos Tracy,how lucky to live close to such beautiful gardens. x Susan x

  2. Beautiful photos Tracy,how lucky to live close to such beautiful gardens. x Susan x

  3. Gorgeous pics, Tracy! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Stunning photos Tracy, it looks like a really beautiful place to visit.
    I have clicked your Bloglovin' button and will take a little look on your Pinterest board later.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Hugs Sue xx

  5. Gorgeous photo's. I have clicked your Blogloving button.

  6. Lovely photos, Tracy. It's snowing here! I'm going to look into the new system in April when I have time but I am sure to follow you wherever you go! hugs, Lesley

  7. I'm all connected with you now Tracy! Fab flowers - so beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous flowers! Yay, Spring! I've looked at BlogLovin' and I like it so much more than Google Reader, so maybe this is a good thing.

  9. Beautifil pictures Tracy and I will have a look at blogloving next week,when I have more time!!
    XXX Heidy

  10. Hi Tracy, gorgeous pics - just what I need as we are under about a foot of snow here! I've signed up with Bloglovin' so will still be with you after the big switch off. Have a good Sunday, Jo x

  11. Oh what gorgeous flowers!! Such a beautiful place Tracy ... TFS ... I know nothing about Bloglovin or google reader ... I'll just click the follow and hope for the best ...

  12. Hello dear Tracy,

    What a beautiful photo's you have made.
    Unfortunatly i'm no green finger woman.
    So you can see that in my garden to.
    But i love to watch those pictures from you.

    I will look as soon as possible about that blog thing to.
    Have a great day!

    Soon HanX

  13. Thank you for those beautiful photos, Tracy! They made me feel warm even though it is very cold here.

  14. Gorgeous photos, Tracy! I love flowers, and I can only imagine what a wonderful treat for your eyes to be surrounded by such beauty. And now I'm following you on blogLovin'.
    Hugs, Kathya

  15. Hi Tracy, I have yet to read in detail about this bloggy thing..cows tail comes to I don't want to lose you though so will sort it later today hopefully. Love the photo's that Hibiscus is gorgeous, I so loved making them in Sugar for wedding cakes. It looks a wonderful place to visit.
    Huge Hugs Mau xx

  16. Thanks for sharing your photos, Tracy... so beautiful.
    I don't quite understand all that's going to change, but I, too, signed up with Bloglovin and added your blog to my list. I transfered all my blogs over to the new reader... hope I've got it all right. Would hate to loose anyone.
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

  17. What a beautiful garden. I loved all your pretty photos.. Those tulips are my favorite..

    Happy Sunday my friend.

  18. Gosh, such amazingly beautiful photos Tracy, that is one lovely garden! Glad you and your mom had such a great time! I've already signed up with Feedly, which allows me to follow your blog as before, wouldn't want to miss out on anything you post now would I? Hugs, Ira

  19. Hi Tracy,
    I am following you now on bloglovin and by email and pinterest. So think I have you covered. Beautiful pics...joann sassy raggedy

  20. WOW! Those photographs are stunning, Tracy! You're making me long for springtime. TFS!

  21. I have spring envy! We still have loads of snow and cold temps. These photos are definitely have an eye for that as well. How wonderful to be able to spend time with your mom in such a lovely place.

  22. Oh my looks just like my backyard!!! NOT! I was captivated by the gorgeous pictures and now have this overwhelming desire to try and make faux flowers. I think it's Spring envy...
    So glad you had a wonderful time and thank you for the lovely vicarious trip. :)

  23. Oh it looks like you had a marvellous time! Love the great burst of colour! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures!


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