Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm a dunce

     I'd have to check to see if I'm the official winner, but I think I'm at least in the top running for the fastest opening and closing of an Etsy store.  LOL  Yes I closed it already and I'll tell you why.
     Some of you may think I'm being silly, but my hubby and I are both rather cautious about how much personal info we give out online.  We are constantly hearing horror stories from friends.  I did not realize that to accept payments to PayPal from Etsy sales you have to have your bank account connected to PP.  That makes sense since they would have to have some way to reimburse customers who had problems with sales, but that hadn't occurred to me.  I just assumed everything would be handled with my cc.  Putting banking info out there is just not going to happen with us so I closed up the shop.  My cards are still available for sale through regular PayPal methods.  The "Send Money" function makes it super simple and it's free for both the buyer and seller.
     So I'm out of the Etsy business and back to just being a regular Joe Jane card maker.  ☺
  Here are the latest pages for my desk calendar.  They are SUPER simple but after all they only last a year.
     For March I used a cute digi Easter Bunny from Karen's Doodles.

     For April I used another one of the adorable bears from the TSG "Beary Best" set.  Told you I was in love with these little guys.  The raindrop stamps are part of the set too.  I stamped them randomly and then added some glittery opaque embossing powder.

     Like I said, nothing elaborate, just something that makes it soooo easy to keep myself straight with projects, challenges, and life in general.  :-)
     Stay tuned for another post with my card for this week's "Flower Power" challenge at the Catered Crop.


  1. As adorable as these calendar pages are, I would never get anything organized or done because I would find myself staring at the images and scenery...just as I did here!!!!
    Terrific job on this :)

  2. Such fun calendar pages Tracy, each month has the right and perfect image! Sorry to hear you had to close your Etsy store so soon, I thought they'd work with PayPal, too and fully understand that you'd like to be on the safe side! Take care, hugs, Ira

  3. These are gorgeous, I love the images and papers you have used
    I totally understand about you closing your Etsy shop. I really hate giving out personal info too.
    Hugs Sue xx

  4. I do understand re the bank details - my husband is mega security conscious so I'm so careful about details on anything lol! gorgeous creations by the way!
    Kim x

  5. Hello dear Tracy,

    How cute are the monthplanners.
    Great coloring of 2 sweeties.
    I love the little bear in the rain.
    It makes me wanna hug him...
    To see your planner i love to do that also.
    I will sure try that sometime.

    Is it a stamp you have used for the date etc???

    Have a great day!
    Soon Han X

  6. Hi Tracy :)

    Just wanted to let you know that you don't HAVE to attach your bank account info to sell through Etsy. You can link through PayPal only. The only way you would need to add your bank account is if you choose to accept "Direct Checkout" (which lets the buyer pay directly with credit card or gift card).

    My only method of payment accepted in my shops is PayPal. Buyers can still use any credit card through that, but it is dealt with through PayPal and not a checking account.

    Just FYI if you ever want to start it up again! :)


  7. Fabulous calendar pages Tracy, love the little rabbit, gorgeous colouring..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  8. Ahhhh.. What a cute calendar. So adorable.

    So sorry to hear about your Etsy shop. I totally get it. My hubby sells a lot on Ebay and opened a special bank account just for that, just so people can use paypal. Kinda crazy I think.


  9. These are so adorable!! It's the loveliest desk calendar ever! Sorry about your Etsy but I don't think you do have to give your details ... I think Annie Rose maybe right

  10. LOVE your calendar pages Tracy, they are both fabulous. (The raindrops are very clever BTW). I don't think you're being silly about being careful online...sadly, there are plenty of horror stories around about this. I'm sorry you had to close your Etsy store though as I'm sure you would have done well. Hopefully an alternative will come along for you to use so you can share your beautiful creations with the retail world :)
    Hugs xx

  11. Well...your calendar pages are adorable! :o)


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