Monday, September 15, 2014


     Hello all my bloggie friends.  It's the start of a new week and I'm starting it out with a little bit of fun.  I never would have imagined meeting the people that I have met online when I first started crafting and sharing on the "wild" web.  A wonderful mix of crafty friends from around the world.  We've crossed paths through YouTube, DT's, challenge blogs, and mutual friends.
     One of these wonderful people is named Katie Sims.  I met Katie through Splitcoast Stampers.  I LOVE humor and I was drawn in by both the amazing card making skills and the silly banter between Katie and the wonderful Pat Smethers.  Their hilarious stories of "Jammer Town" (the fictional place where crafters are right at home crafting away in their jammies) had me howling with laughter.  Both ladies have a special place in my heart.
     Recently Katie featured me on her blog as someone who inspires her in card making.  This is totally crazy because Katie's and my style are polar opposite.  This lady has some super duper cardmaking skills and if you've never checked out her work RUN over to her blog, Inky Peach Designs and see what I'm talking about.

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     Katie designs for Marcella Hawley's amazing Power Poppy Bloom Brigade.  Her designs are always imaginative, classy, elegant, and neat as a pin.  I wish I had her know how when it comes to choosing dies for her designs.  She has an addiction to her Krylon Gold Leafing pen and knows how to wield it with the expertise of a master.
     I'm so honored to have been chosen by Katie.  Thanks Katie Girl!
     So now I get the chance to tell you a little bit about myself and to also pass along this honor to a couple of amazing ladies who inspire me.
     Here are a few questions Katie asked me to answer:

1.  What am I working on? LOL  Well it may sound silly, but I have had a SERIOUS housecleaning bug for a while now and that's where I've been spending the majority of my time.  Don't know if it's my age or what but I want to de-clutter and make my home as simple to clean as possible.  This isn't all that easy when you live in a cracker box, but I'm working on it.  As far as my crafting, I am currently on the Design Teams for Mo's Digital Pencil, where I share coordinator responsibilities with the lovely Pat Frank, and I'm one of the Stamping Bella Babes for Emily Block.  I'm also blessed to be a Guest Designer for Art Impressions creating cards from their stamps that will be used in their catalogs and as displays at crafting trade fairs like CHA.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?  That would be hard to say because I don't think I have a genre.  There are several different styles that appeal to me, but I wouldn't say I necessarily fit into any one of them.  I can't quite get into piling on tons of flowers and embellishments.  I like a plainer layout.  I do tend to like to make my own embellishments by using flower dies and such rather than store bought.  I would love to develop a "recognizable" style of my own, but I haven't found it yet.  LOL

3.  Why do I create what I do?  I have always loved working with paper.  There's just something about manipulating it into art that relaxes me.  I'd like to think that the handmade cards I give away are received with an understanding that I thought they were worth the special effort to make it for them personally.  I love scrapbooking too, but the time element frustrates me.  I'm not a fast crafter and cards give a more instant gratification to my crafting needs.

4.  How does your creative process work?  LOL  I guess I'm a bit OCD, but I like my images to match my papers as much as possible.  Most of the time I'll start by coloring the skin and hair on my image and maybe an animal if there is one, but the clothing and extras will have to wait til I pick out the papers.  Then I color to match.  Sometimes I come up with my own designs, but most of the time I search some of my favorite challenge blogs that use sketches for my pattern.

     Now it's my turn to share a couple of crafty friend with you that inspire me.  My list is a mile long and continues to grow.  Some are team mates and long time bloggie friends, others are crafters I admire from afar.  I learn something new every day just by opening my blog reader.  These two ladies never disappoint me.  Let me introduce you to......

Anja Bytyqi :  Little Butterfly Creations  

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I've really watched this beautiful ladies' style grow over the last year.  She has become quite the accomplished stamper not to mention a talented card designer too.  Recently she participated in one of the online card classes and her "homework" just blew me away.  Anja has a wonderful grasp of color and uses that to advantage in both her stamping skills and other ways like stencils.  Every time I visit her I find myself wanting to add some new something to my shopping list--embossing powder, a stamp set, paper, dies.....  The list goes on.  She's a terrible enabler.  LOL  She's not just a stamper though, she has some serious pencil and Copic skills.  I really like to see neatness in cardmaking.  I'm pretty particular about my own and I enjoy seeing it in the work of others.  Anja is a perfect example.  Beautifully balanced cards that show the care she has taken with her design.  This sweet lady has been a wonderful encouragement to me.

Ros Crawford:  Mikey's Mom

Ros and I became friends way back when I was on my very first DT, Papercraft Star.  She was a frequent player and we ended up recruiting her for the team.  As a person she has a deep love for her family and a fondness for cats with attitudes.  LOL  As a crafter Ros is always inspiring me with her creations.  I don't think I know any other crafter who builds their cards like her.  It always seems like each and every bit and piece has a life of it's own.  She knows where it came from, who gave it to her, or what it was leftover from.  She brings them all together to make a piece of art that is heart felt and personal in a unique way.  Subtle muted colors and lovely butterflies are staples in her arsenal.  She's starting to experiment with some mixed media now with her wonderful free style and I am in total envy.  I see the little pieces of her heart that she puts into every card she makes and I can't help but be inspired.

     I want to thank Katie for allowing me to participate in this little adventure.  I was honored to be one of her choices and I am honored to be able to spotlight a couple of ladies who are true artists and wonderful friends.  I sure hope you will make the time to go and visit their blogs.  It will be a high spot in your day.


  1. I'm speechless!!! Thank you for not only being my friend, for inspiring me and for seeing me as an inspiration but for those lovely words ... I am honoured to have you as a friend...

  2. Awww, what an awesome post, Tracy! This was super sweet and fun to read, and you SO deserve the honor!

  3. Thank you so much for the sweetest words ever, my friend! I'm totally honored and your wonderful shout out brings blush to my cheeks ;o)
    You are inspiring and supporting me for so long now and I really treasure our friendship!
    Big hugs, Anja

  4. aaww, how wonderful to see a mutual friend here Tracy! Ros definitely deserves to be in the spotlight, for not only is she a fine cardmaker, but moreover a lovely, dear, sweet person! Hugs, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. Tracy, I giggled when I read the part about you not having a "style" of your own because no matter what site I am on I can see a card & say....hey, that's Tracy's card! I love your CAS approach to cards. Thanks for all the encouragement & inspiration you have given me on my paper crafting journey!
    Hugs, Renee

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you Tracy and you definitely have your own style. Seriously, I can always spot your cards.

  7. Well, Tracy, I LOVE your work, and I also LOVE Katie and agree with everything you said about her! What a sweetie and amazing designer! And you are amazing, and I've loved your style and work for a long time and have only recently started following you. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and your creative process! Hugs!

  8. Interesting post, Tracy! I'm off to meet these ladies. :)


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