Friday, September 9, 2016

Our trip out west

WARNING:  Picture heavy

Hubby and I just spent three weeks exploring in California, Oregon, and Washington.  Thought I'd share a few of the pics I took.  I am NOT a great photographer and truthfully these sights can only really be appreciated in person.  Maybe they'll inspire you to check them out if you haven't already.

I do have a card front made but that's as far as I've gotten.  So many things to catch up on after being away for three weeks. Be back in the bloggie world as quick as I can.

Redwoods National Forest, CA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Yosemite National Park, CA

King's Canyon National Park, CA

Death Valley, CA

Mt. Whitney, CA

Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Forest, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA 

Crater Lake, OR

Mt. Hood, OR

Multnomah Falls, OR

Mt. St. Helens, WA

 Mt. Ranier, WA


  1. Oh Tracy, what a fabulous trip you and hubby took! Amazing pictures, gorgeous and breath taking scenery, but I know nothing compared to being there. Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed each and everyone of them.

  2. Such wonderful sites! I live not too far from Mt. Hood and Multnomah is such a wonderful place to live!

  3. Hi Tracy,
    thank you for sharing theese wonderful fotos!!
    Great landscape!
    I would love to see it myself.
    Hugs from Germany

  4. Wow! Gorgeous photos, my friend! It looks like you had a fantastic adventure! You were practically in Saskatchewan! ;o)

  5. Beautiful photos of the fantastic scenery over there in th USA. You have had a wonderful vacation. Here in the Netherlands everything is flat and not a mountain to be seen LOL. hugs, Marlies

  6. Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos!! I loved seeing them... 121F you have to be kidding me!! I'd surely die in that heat!

  7. Thank you sharing these beautiful pictures, Tracy. Looks like you had a great vacation. I agree it's not like being there in person but still feels good to look at them. Hopefully some day I can visit these places :)

  8. Gorgeous, Tracy... what a fabulous trip you must have experienced. I'd love to see more!!!

  9. Very nice pictures! I am so glad you were out in my neck of the woods! Looks like you had a great time enjoying nature! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics!

  10. Ah, so beautiful! I always get so homesick when I see photos like this. My childhood house is snuggled among the redwoods. :D
    What an awesome trip! So nice that you were able to go for such a nice long visit so you could really travel and see all the sights!

  11. What a gift! I've never seen beauty like this in real life! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh, Tracy, what amazing and beautiful photographs! What a blessing to see just some of the beauty God created for us to enjoy! Wow, it looks like it was a trip of a lifetime (at least for me). I love the landscape and mountains. And wow, that sure was hot! But I do know from visiting CA that dry heat is different than what we have here in South Florida. So happy you had a wonderful time and really saw so much! Hugs, sweet friend!


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