Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Mini

Hey Everybody! Well . . we have finally gotten a little warm spring-like weather down here on the Gulf Coast--LOTS of rain too, but I'm not complaining. If God says we need it, then we need it. LOL
Here are some photos from my lastest mini. You can check out the video for it on my YouTube channel. I just wanted to post some close ups on here in case anybody wanted to see the details on some of the pages better.
I'm a very meticulous crafter so it takes me forever to complete a mini. Now that this one's done I have a tag and an ATC swap to make projects for before I start another mini. My husband says I need to practice moderation but that's really hard to do when you love to craft like I do. I can't blame him though. I don't have a craft room so my stuff is ALWAYS all over the kitchen table, counter, chairs, computer desk . . . well you get the picture.
Hope you like the mini.

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