Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ms. Brightside Award

WOW! What a wonderful surprise this morning when I opened my email. My super sweet firend Kristina has honored me with a blog award! YAY! I've never gotten an award before. This is SO totally cool! THANKS KRISTINA!
In receiving this award, I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy, five pieces of trivia about myself, and then pass the award along to five fellow bloggers.


1. My salvation through Jesus Christ
2. The life God has blessed me with
3. My awesome husband
4. My beautful, smart, talented daughter
5. My friends and family
6. My 11 year old labbie dog, Gwennie
8. Music
9. Being able to make someone else happy
10. and . . . scrappin', of course!


1. I'm a genealogy buff with a whole file cabinet full of research on me and my husbands families.
2. I'm an avid reader and can devour a 400 page paperback in a matter of hours.
3. I'm an only child of a twin and have one daughter. My Dad's twin has one child a son who has one son. I think that's so funny--and wierd.
4. I love to talk to people but I'm a little bashful. I'm not usually the conversation starter, but I WILL talk your ears off if you get me started.
5. I love to sing. I'm more comfortable in a group than flying solo, but I do both, mostly at church.

I would defintely like to pass this back to Kristina because she has been one of the brightest spots in my blogging/YouTube experience. She'll be my official #6. Thank you Kristina for being my friend.
So here are the people I'm going to pass the award along to. Each and everyone has inspired me in someway, whether craftwise, encouragement, or both. Blessings on you all!
Silvia at Crafty Sil
Carlene at PinkScrapper99

Have a great day!


Kristina said...

You are so TOTALLY welcome! You really do make my day "bright".
Okay...on your 10 things...#7 Chocolate!! I totally forgot to put that on my list!! I love love love dark chocolate, maybe a little too much ;)
And on your 5 facts, love the genealogy bit. I should have you give me some pointers on digging up my family stuff.

You are a doll!

~* steph :) *~ said...

hi tracy! congrats, first of all! you definitely deserve this award :)! you're such a sweetheart. i thank you for passing it along to me. thanks for sharing your tidbits with us. aw, you have a labbie! i love doggies! i'm like you, a little bashful, but when i get to know someone, i can chat it up. that's so cool you're a daughter of a twin :). hope you have a fabulous day, my dear friend. *hugs* and much aloha to you always! steph :)

CraftySil said...

You totally made my day! Thank you so much for passing it on....even though I haven't met you in person it feels as though I already know you, chatting with you online is great, I love your work and I'm so glad to have met such a wonderful friend. I too, like Steph, love dogs...I have 5 ~ one of them is a Lab/Golden mix and she is a sweetheart....thanks for sharing details about you with us, it's great that I can totally relate to quite a few things from both of your lists....Have a great day Tracy!
Lots of Hugs,

Janie said...

Aww thank you so much Tracy !! You are such a sweet and creative person ! And even though we havent met in person either I feel like I have known you forever ! We only live about one hour from each other we really need to get together and have lunch and craft or go craft shopping !! Thank you for this award I am so Honored and so Blessed to receive this from such a special friend !! Thank you !

PinkScrapper99 said...

Tracy. You made my day. I am so appreciative of your award. I love sharing and teaching others to paper craft. Meeting people like you is one of the great benefits. Many Thanks, Carlene aka PinkScrapper99

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,
isn't this just the cutest award? I was so happy to receive it from Steph, she's a darling.
Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog, I really appreciate this.
We'll be in touch! Have a nice day and take care, Ira