Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello friends!
If any of you popped by in the last couple of hours, or I should say tried to pop by, you may have gotten a message that my blog had been removed.  I did NOT do this.  Google disabled my accounts because of suspicious activity.  I'm afraid I might have had an encounter with some hackers that I read about on another crafters blog.  I was so afraid my little blog was lost, but it's back up and I sure hope it's back permanently.  The other crafter did recommend on her blog that people change their password regularly.  I have changed mine in hopes that does work.  Something you might want to consider too.
Have any of you had any trouble with your blog or gmail accounts getting hung up when you tried to close them out?  I did notice that with mine the last couple of days.  Don't know if it had anything to do with what happened or not, but I thought I'd throw that out there just in case someone else is having that problem.
I was in the process of trying to gather up as many of the email addresses of my friends as I could to let you know what had happened when thankfully Google provided me with a fix.  So just incase I disappear again--it's not me doing it.  :-)
My gmail and reader still have a few glitches so I'll get around to visit you as soon as possible.
Off to jot down a lot of email addresses in my notebook. :-)
Hugs to all and have a wonderful problem free week to come.


Sue said...

Hi glad you got your blog back.It happened to me last week as you will know it throws you into a panic .lol
They said mine was that I was underage, personally i can't see why it took them 6 months to realize if i had entered my wrong birthdate..yeh as if i would enter the wrong typical Mr blogger eh ;-)


Ira said...

I can imagine you must have been scared indeed, even I couldn't bear the thought of all your wonderful creations gone for good! So thank goodness it's all up and running again! Personally I haven't had any problems (so far anyway), maybe you should try a different anti-virus software. We've got F-Secure, which prevents you from downloading wrong content/going to 'bad' sites etc. Good luck and hugs to you Tracy!! Ira

NickelNook said...

Yes, I can see why the hackers would be going after you! They only go after the BEST! :o)

Dorcas said...

Yikes! So how do you back up your blog?? Sounds like a good idea.


I have the same comment do you back up a blog. And gmail? Yes, probs yesterday and the day before. And blogger sent me this random message on the weekend telling me my email and password (which they should not have printed) and the email was wrong!)

Linda B said...

I've heard so many scary things lately like what you just went through... hope everything gets back to normal!

Cheryl said...

So glad everything worked out. I had this same issue a few months ago.

Linda R. said...

That happened to me a month or so ago..
I was a little freaked out about it..

Hugs, Linda